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I Have a Question !!

Author cobid
#1 * Posted: 26 Jun 2011 17:15

I Have a Question !!

I Have a 'ABC.Exe' made by 'Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0'

It is Compiled by machine language (Not P-Code)

Is "VB DeCompiler Pro Ver 8.2" able to decompile 'ABC.Exe' file
made by machine Code ?

It is an important problem for me

So I want your quick and accurate answer

Thank you very much !!
Author Support
#2 * Posted: 27 Jun 2011 12:42
For Native Code supported only partially decompilation at this time.
Decompiled code is readable for analyze, but you can't recompile it and this code will have some errors and undecompiled lines.

example you may look here: http://www.vb-decompiler.org/image/intro2.png
Author svfvl
#3 * Posted: 21 Jul 2011 14:35
I've recently updated the Pro version from 8.1 to 8.2.

I analised a same file with both versions.

With 8.1 I've got this
' Listing created by VB Decompiler v8.1.479
loc_0040906F: InternetOpenA(var_80, var_80, 00402F4Ch, 0000005Ch, arg_8)

With 8.2 I've got this
' Listing created by VB Decompiler v8.2.517
loc_0040906F: call var_4011D0(var_80, var_80, 00402F4Ch, 0000005Ch, arg_8, var_80, undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVar, 00000004h, 00000004h)

So, the new version was unable to find the function name.

Is that correct?

Author Support
#4 * Posted: 21 Jul 2011 23:35
Please send your file for analyzing to our email. Thank you.
Author Support
#5 * Posted: 22 Jul 2011 19:35
After checking your file I see, what this is not call InternetOpenA. This is:

loc_0040906F: call __vbaFPInt(Err.Number, Me, 00402F4Ch, 0000005Ch, undef 'Ignore this

VB Decompiler v8.2 ignore some calls. This call used only for FPU initialization and absent in original source. In future we plan to filter this lines and don't show it.
Author Guest

#6 * Posted: 27 Jul 2011 12:57
Can i buy DE Decompiler??
Author Support
#7 * Posted: 30 Jul 2011 20:41
Can i buy DE Decompiler??

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