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Help me decompiler this program?

Author hoangkk
#1 * Posted: 11 Jan 2010 11:33
Help me decompiler this program?

I use ver pro to decompiler this file and I recive like :

Public Function FCheck() '11013180
loc_110131A2: var_C = ""
loc_110131A5: var_8 = 11001540h
loc_110131AC: edi = ""
loc_110131AE: var_4 = ""
loc_110131B7: call Me.AddRef 'Ignore this(edi, esi, arg_8)
loc_110131C5: var_18 = ""
loc_110131C8: var_28 = ""
loc_110131CB: var_38 = ""
loc_110131CE: var_48 = ""
loc_110131D1: var_58 = ""
loc_110131D4: var_68 = ""
loc_110131D7: var_78 = ""
loc_110131DA: var_8C = ""
loc_110131E2: var_38 = Trim(arg_C)
loc_110131EC: var_38 = arg_C
loc_110131F7: var_18 = var_38
loc_11013200: call undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVar(var_38)
loc_11013211: var_30 = 1
loc_11013218: var_38 = 2
loc_1101321F: var_70 = var_18
loc_11013222: var_78 = &H4008
loc_1101322F: Len(var_18) = Len(var_18) - 00000001h
If Err.Number <> 0 Then GoTo loc_1101333D
loc_11013241: var_48 = Mid$(, Len(var_18), var_38)
loc_1101324D: var_58 = Chr(9)
loc_1101325B: Var_Ret_1 = (var_48 <> var_58)
loc_11013272: call undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVarList(var_58)
If Var_Ret_1 = edi Then GoTo loc_110132C8
loc_110132B0: system.var_8C = PropBag.ReadProperty(system.Width = %x1, edi)
loc_110132CD: GoTo loc_110132FA
If = 0 Then GoTo loc_110132DE
loc_110132D8: call undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVar(11013304h)
loc_110132F0: call undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVarList(var_68)
loc_110132F9: Exit Sub
loc_110132FD: var_18 = ""
loc_11013303: Exit Sub
loc_1101330A: call Me.Release 'Ignore this
loc_1101333A: Exit Sub
End Function

This file was pacth with another program? Can you give me full source code
Author Support
#2 * Posted: 11 Jan 2010 21:48
Quoting: hoangkk

I use ver pro to decompiler this file and I recive like

Please contact us via Email and attach your license information.
Author alex_snbh
#3 * Posted: 14 Sep 2011 05:56 * Edited by: Admin
Help me decompiler this program?

Public Sub Proc_1_0_411934(arg_C) '411934
'Data Table: 401928
loc_4118D4: ILdRf arg_C
loc_4118D7: FStStrCopy var_8C
loc_4118DA: ILdRf var_8C
loc_4118DD: ImpAdCallI2 Proc_1_11_4136C8()
loc_4118E2: FStStrNoPop var_90
loc_4118E5: ImpAdCallI2 LCase$(arg_1)
loc_4118EA: FStStr var_94
loc_4118ED: FFree1Str var_90
loc_4118F0: ILdRf var_94
loc_4118F3: LitStr "bmp"
loc_4118F6: EqStr
loc_4118F8: BranchT loc_411906
loc_4118FB: ILdRf var_94
loc_4118FE: LitStr "dib"
loc_411901: EqStr
loc_411903: BranchF loc_411914
loc_411906: ' Referenced from: 4118F8
loc_411906: ILdRf var_8C
loc_411909: ImpAdCallI2 Proc_1_2_41D43C()
loc_41190E: FStI2 var_86
loc_411911: Branch loc_411932
loc_411914: ' Referenced from: 411903
loc_411914: ILdRf var_94
loc_411917: LitStr "raw"
loc_41191A: EqStr
loc_41191C: BranchF loc_41192D
loc_41191F: ILdRf var_8C
loc_411922: ImpAdCallI2 Proc_1_1_417048()
loc_411927: FStI2 var_86
loc_41192A: Branch loc_411932
loc_41192D: ' Referenced from: 41191C
loc_41192D: LitI2_Byte 0
loc_41192F: FStI2 var_86
loc_411932: ' Referenced from: 41192A
loc_411932: ' Referenced from: 411911
loc_411932: ExitProcI2
End Sub

... some more lines
Author Support
#4 * Posted: 14 Sep 2011 14:05
Help me decompiler this program?

P-Code decompilation is fully supported in a Pro version of the VB Decompiler. You may order it here:

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